VNET peering

I´m currently rebuilding my demo environment and I already have S2S VPN up and running between my datacenter and Microsoft Azure. Next thing what I´m planning to install is Azure Site Recovery (with VMM). I wanted to create own VNET for the DR purposes in Azure so I´m going to configure VNET peering between ASR VNET and the VNET which has the VPN connection to the on-premises. This blog show the simple steps how I did that.

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Windows Containers in Azure

It has been a while after last blog post, but there has been reason for it. We have been fully working with new products and now we would like to share some great new stuff.
This blog post will contain step by step guide to install Windows Server 2016 Core with Containers Tech Preview 4 to Azure. We will also install Windows Container with IIS and show how to use NAT module for networking. Refer MS container documentation for more details.

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Azure Automation: How to easily schedule ARM VMs automatic start/shutdown

This blog post shows the steps how to easily schedule Start/stop your ARM VMs.
For example on demo/dev environments you can save costs when turning VMs off when you are not using them.

I will show you the easiest way and therefore I will do everything from the portal without needing any scripting knowledge.
We are going to use Graphical Runbooks which are provided by Microsoft. With these Runbooks you are able to schedule start/stop ARM VMs for Azure subscription or resource group or a single named VM.
In this example I have already create Resource Group called Demo and it contains one VM.

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