Failover Cluster problem with Event ID: 4683

We had some problems with one of our test cluster (Windows 2008 R2). Suddenly Cluster Name resource  didn´t come online and fails all the time. This blog post shows where the problem was.

After trying to bring Cluster Name resource  online few times we checked event log and analyzed error messages:
Failover Cluster Manager failed while managing one or more cluster. The error was ‘An error occurred resetting the password for ‘Cluster Name’.’. For more information see the Failover Cluster Manager Diagnostic channel.


As you can see cluster was not able to reset password. After checking configurations and ensured that those were ok we started to check firewall. There were missing some of RPC ports and that was the reason. After allowing all the RPC ports from firewall we tested to repair Active Directory object from Failover Cluster Manager:

The Repair Active Directory Object option is a recovery tool to re-synchronize the password for cluster computer objects. After repair we were able to bring all the resources back to online.

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