Azure Site Recovery with SAN replica, troubleshooting

We had some problems during the installation and I want to share them to you.
Hope these cases help you troubleshoot issues if have any.

Case 1:

When we tried to enable Replication group we had issue that it already exists.
Somehow our data was incorrect and there was some old copies which were not successfully deleted. We needed to delete them from both NetApp clusters manually with following command:


Case 2:

We had issues with the Replication Groups. Reason for that was  we didn´t refresh Provider from VMM after adding SMI-S connection. Then we were able manually create Replication Group (we already had SnapMirror enabled). As we had mixed replication groups, configuration didn´t work as expected.
Solution for this was that we first removed manually created Replication Group and then refresh both provider on both sites. So, do not add Replication Group manually to VMM if SnapMirror is already enabled on NetApp side.

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