Basic steps to install SMI-S provider to VMM

We have been working a lot with different Azure Site Recovery (ASR) cases lately. I will share some basic steps what you need to do. In our demo case we are using NetApp.

First of all, I assume that you already have VMM configured and up and running. We will need at least one VM for working as a SMI-S provider.

Provider agent installation is quite easy.

smis01 smis02 smis03


Next we will check that agent is running with following command:
smis cimserver status

Then we need to add CIM server user which is the local administrator account of you server
cimuser -a -u administrator -w “your password”

Next we add our storage system with the following command (on demo purposes we used http)
smis add hvdemo2.nwtraders.local smis smis123#


You can check your current configuration via command
smis list


Next we move on to VMM side and configure provider:


type name of you SMI-S server


Create RunAs account for your SMI-S server

smis11 smis12 smis13 smis14

and that´s it. Now you are connected to your provider.
smis15 smis16


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