Azure Site Recovery SAN replication, error There are no storage arrays on the source

We have been testing different ASR solutions and we had problems to manage SAN replication with the following error message “error, there are no storage arrays on the source”. This blogpost gives you needed information how you can solve this.

When you are creating storage array mapping from Azure following happens:



Reason for this is that that your array is not reporting any peers.
You can check it with the following cmdlet:

Check from the correct array that do you have configure PeerArrays. If not, you are missing peer array configuration from your disk system.

For example we are using NetApp so we need to configure Snap Mirror before continue.

As you can read from NetApp blogpost it´s one of the requirements:
You will need two NetApp Storage Arrays running Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2, with the secondary device preferably in remote site. Network infrastructure should be set up between the arrays and cluster and storage virtual machine peering and NetApp SnapMirror relationship should be configured. SnapMirror Replication licenses should be set up as required by the storage array.

Also ensure that you have Peer Arrays with the following command:


7 thoughts on “Azure Site Recovery SAN replication, error There are no storage arrays on the source

  1. Hi Tomi! We’ve got exact situation with NetApp. How do you think it can be fixed considering that SVMs has been configured as peering partners and snapmirror up and running ?

    • Hi Rishat,
      please ensure that you have all needed licenses configured on NetApp side.
      As you are already configured snapmirror from NetApp side you don´t need to add Replication Group manually.
      If you create it manually it will fail because it´s already exits. Also you can try to remove SMI-S from VMM as it will then update all details.

      • We get solved this issue. Problem here the only SVM was managed by SMIs provider. We had to add both SVM to both SMIs agents.

    • Hi Ben and really sorry for the late response,
      on NetApp world SVM is formerly known as vServer.
      You need to add both (primary and DR) vServers to SMI-S server(s)
      so it will be able to see both vServers.


  2. Hi,

    Currently I am seeing this same issues, we are using NetApp and it has been setup as requested but still having an issue in ASR where it coming back with “there is no storage arrays on the source VVM server”. Both SVM are added. Not sure what this issue is?? Help please?

    • Hi Jason and thanks for the message,
      Are you using two different VMM stamps (production and DR)?
      did you create snapmirror from NetApp side and if so, is your both VMM stamps able to see both Arrays and what about replication group? How does it look like?
      Basically if you are creating SnapMirror from NetApp side you don´t need to add replication group manually. VMM will notice mirroring.

      Have you tried to remove SMI-S provider and add it back (when doing this please take screenshot before doing it so you are able to add disks to correct classifications).

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