Billing: ID never changes and billing is not able to fetch new data

We faced an issue with billing adapter few days ago. We didn’t get an data from Billing adapter sot we started to examine the issue.

On SPF server’s (Usage) IIs log found entry:


So next we look issue on AdminApi (usege collector service) (days are different but it was keeping same Id’s on both logs whole time)


We make some basic checking and troubleshooting as described here:

and here

but without success. There were no errors except some time out errors on SPF log (trace was on) but those was not indicating any issues.

After a while we opened ticket to MS premier.

SCOMDW seemed be some king of overloaded but even we add some CPU’s system was still stuck.

We took some SQL Trace and found some timeouts regarding billing queries to SCOMDW.

Then we updated default timeout value to SQL queries on Microsoft.MgmtSvc.Usage database with query (this did’nt solve the case this time)

Finally we found out with premier that our SCOMDW TempDb’s was too small and autogrow was not able to increase Tempdb enough. We split tempDb to 6 partitions (remember the rule with TempDb and CPU) and divide partitions to own logical disk partitions.

After this restarted SPF web services and everything worked perfectly. Thanks to everybody attend to solve this case.

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