How to set IIS application initialization to keeping ASPNET-Applications alive

This blog posts shows how to keep for example WAP sites alive and users won´t need to wait for startup. Normally pool will go down after 20 minutes and warm up will take a while before users are able to login to tenant portal.

First we need to install IIS application initialization via “Add roles and Services”
IIS settings01

Then start IIS and go to application Pools and choose Advanced settings from your for example tenant-site
IIS settings02

Change Startup mode to AllwaysRunning
IIS settings03

Then go to Sites and choose also Advanced Settings
IIS settings04

Change Preload Enabled to True
IIS settings05

And that´s it.


In earlier versions of IIS this must be done manually from file  C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config

You need to first find <applicationPools> configuration section. Then add startMode=”AlwaysRunning” to your pool like this:


and then add preloadEnabled=”true” to your Site on <Sites> section like down under:



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