Basic steps to install/modify Azure Pack Gallery items

I will describe shortly the steps what is needed when modifying Gallery items.

First of all, we need to have Microsoft Web Platform Installer. With this we can download Gallery Items etc from Microsoft.
After the installation we need to have tool for modifying Gallery Items. Get VM role authoring tool Here and install it too.

Now we have all needed software´s so let´s start

Start Web platform installer and choose options. Add custom feed:


Now we are able to see service models too.  Next we will download service model. I will use SQL Server 2012 (Advanced) gallery recourse as a example.

After the installation start VmroleAuthor.exe as Administrator from the location where you did the installation.

Use File -> open and open both files (in this example files can be found from C:\Gallery Resources\SQLServer2012_Advanced_V2_VMRole_Pkg). After opening files you have both on your view

First you need to bind both files so go to Extension References and choose “select to Auto Populate SQLServer2012Adv…)

Let´s assume that we want to change Publisher for this GI.
First I change it to Resource Definition

Then Extension References

And last to Resource Extension

Now we have done needed changes.
There are of course lot of other things what we could do with this, but I hope that this clarify the logic how to hande GI´s.

At last we need to save both files, so click Resource Definition and save and then Resource extension.

Resource Definition is installed in SPF using the Service Management Portal.
Resource extension is installed into VMM, use the Import-CloudResourceExtension cmdlet.

Before doing that you need to have one sysprepped OS disk and DataDisk with SQL 2012 SP1 media, but I´m not going to go through that. All needed version details, tags, familynames etc are described very clear on the document which came when we download the template (can be found from same directory than GI files)
All the needed details how to add tags and other to disk can be found from my earlier blog post HERE

After modifying OS disk and Datadisk we need to add resource files to VMM and SPF.

Let´s start from VMM. Only script which you need to run is this:

Then go to Admin portal and VM Clouds -> Gallery -> Import (brose your .resdefpkg) and it´s done.

Make it Public and then choose one of your plans and add it.

Most of the problems with GIs are tags and other disk variables so if you are not able to browse them start problem solving there.


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