Debugging Azure pack with Fiddler (basics)

This blog post will give basic knowlodge  how to use Fiddler for debugging for Azure Pack issues.

How to start using Fiddler:

Download Fiddler to server (TenantSite, TenantAPi and AdminAPI). You can download it HERE.

1 Backup web.config e.g

2. Decrypt web.config (not

Instead of AdminAPI the namespace can be any of following:

  • TenantPublicAPI
  • TenantAPI
  • AdminSite
  • TenantSite

3. Open web.config

4. Find <> and add following line inside section

Your web.config should look like (do not delete any existing rows, if any) :

5. Open Fiddler and configure Fiddle to use SSL: Tools=> Fddler Options => SSL (when enabling Fiddler ask to save SSL sert to trusted cert, Click OK and restart Fiddler


Click Yes

Click Yes

6. Start capturing by pressing f12 or File => Start Capture


7. Analyze trafic (e.g we had a issue with Monitoring Resource Provider)

For this internal 500 we can thin that it’s related wrong configuration of Monitoring Service or client request is invalid. Next blog posting I will simulate real issue we had our monitoring resource provider..

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