Installing Azure Traffic Manager

Today I´m going to show how to configure Azure Traffic Manager and what things you need to keep in mind during the installation.

I have already create two different App Services (Production001, Production02).
Please remember that you need to have at least “S1 Standard” pricing tier for you App service Plan when using Azure Traffic Manager.

Also when we are working with the Azure Traffic Manager and dedicated model of App Services plan (for example S1 Standard) your App Services needs to be in a different region (In my case Production001 is located in North Europe and the production02 is in West Europe).

I also already configured basic information to both sites that I can monitor how the Azure Traffic Manager works. I used the HTML5 Empty Web App as it is really simple for demo purposes (and other things as well).

And then you can quickly add some basic information to your site via App Service Editor (Preview) like this:

Before starting the Azure Traffic Manager installation, short recap of the Azure Load Balancer Hierarchy by Microsoft:

Let´s install the Azure Traffic Manager:

There is not much settings during the provisioning, but routing method is one thing what you´ll choose (you can change this later as well).
I´m going to select Priority. Please refer the following Microsoft article for selecting the correct method for you.

Let´s take a quick look of the Azure Traffic Manager configuration.
Here you can change the Routing method if needed and configure endpoint monitoring etc.
Refer Microsoft article for more detailed information.

Next I´m going to configure my endpoints.

And now you have configure all the basic settings and you can test your Azure Traffic Manager:



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