Installing and configuring StorSimple virtual appliance

In this blogpost I will show you the steps how to install and configure StorSimple virtual appliance. I will use it for iSCSI connections for my servers. It´s pretty to do and will take something around two hours and you are done.

You can refer Microsoft article Deploy StorSimple Virtual Array – Provision in Hyper-V.

First we need to start installation from the Azure Portal.
Search for StorSimple and select virtual appliance. Then you need to fill out some basic information. As I want to use cheapest storage account for this demo purposes I will not create storage Account during the StorSimple installation:

During the StorSimple installation is going on I will create Storage Account with the following parameters.

StorSimple Device manager is now done and I can find it from the Resource Group.

Then I need to get the service registration key. This key is used to register and connect your StorSimple device with the service.

As I´m going to install the virtual appliance on Hyper-V (Windows server 2016) I will need to download the vhdx for it.

Next we need to configure VM for just download vhdx (remember to add needed memory during the configuration):

After VM is created we need to configure hardware settings:

and then I will create 500GB disk:

And now we are done. We can start the VM. Startup will take some time so hold on for a while:

After VM is up and running you can login via the default password “Password1″.

The most important of these cmdlets is Set-HcsIpAddress. We will use this to configure an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway for the first management NIC in the virtual machine. DNS settings will be done later in the web console.

Check you network settings via command (network card name is in this example “Ethernet”:

Then I will assign IP address to StorSimple:
Set-HcsIpAddress –Name Ethernet –IpAddress –Netmask –Gateway

Restart StorSimple and copy the URL address:

Use browser to connect your device:

First we need to add DNS information under the network settings:

Then we well select device type (in this example we are using StorSimple as a iSCSI server) and we´ll also join the device to the domain.

Select correct time zone:

and latest we need to assign cloud settings. As this is the first device in my test environment I will need to add registration key (you will get the Service Data Encryption key during the setup):

We are done with the device.

Next we´ll move on to the Azure portal. We can see that we have one device ready for setup:

Click configure on your device:

Create Storage Account Credentials for you storage account and proceed.

Now I will check my VM iSCSI initiator name where I want to connect some volumes:

and now I have all the needed information and I can create Volume and connect it to my VM:

Under the Volumes tab I can see that I have one locally pinned volume:

On the VM I will add needed details for the iSCSI:
Discover portal

Add your StorSimple IP-address:

and connect:

and we are done. Now you can re-scan you disks and you can take the new disk online and use it:



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