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I´m currently rebuilding my demo environment and I already have S2S VPN up and running between my datacenter and Microsoft Azure. Next thing what I´m planning to install is Azure Site Recovery (with VMM). I wanted to create own VNET for the DR purposes in Azure so I´m going to configure VNET peering between ASR VNET and the VNET which has the VPN connection to the on-premises. This blog show the simple steps how I did that.


First, I have two different VNETs:
RRAS-S2S-Vnet = VNET with the S2S VPN connection to the on-premises
VSNE-ASR-PD-VNET-01 = VNET for the Azure Site Recovery

First I will enable VNET peering from the VNET which has the VPN connection:

As I have rights to the other VNET as well I can directly select the ASR VNET.
In this case I want to enable gateway transit as well for the on-premises connection from to ASR vnet.

Next I will do the same to the ASR VNET:

As I want to use on-premises connection from the another VNET I will need to select “use Remote Gateways” which we enabled in the first phase.

And that´s it, peering is connected and now I can start the implement ASR components.

For detailed steps for example how to do this between two different Azure Subscriptions, please refer the Microsoft article Create a virtual network peering using the Azure portal.

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