Tip: configure backup to your Azure Web app (App service)

We had some major issues with our blog site lately and unfortunately we didn´t have any backups (yes, I know) of it. After investigating the issue I was luckily be able to get site up and running again. This blog post is a short note how easily you can configure backups of your web app.



First, we have our site running on WP so basically we have following components:
– App Service (web app)
– App Service plan
– ClearDB database

First, browse to the Backup settings of your App service:

Then you need to configure storage account which will contain your backup files:

As I´m trying to avoid costs, we don´t use any scheduling, but that is also possible:

And as we have a database as well we want to backup it too:

Configuration done. Now we have following possibilities to Backup and restore our site if we have some issues again with it. I still can´t understand why we didn´t use this at the first phase…

For full guidance please refer following Microsoft article
Back up your app in Azure

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