Build guest failover cluster with shared disk on a Hyper-V cluster Part 2/2

This is the second post for Guest VM failover clustering using Shared disk. In first part we created disks on Hyper-V hosts and assign them to VM’s. This second part illustrate how to make a Windows Cluster with Powershell and create a HA File service.

As I mentioned in part one, there are some common prerequisites before making Windows Failover cluster. See prerequisites on http://virtual-station.comart 1.

Bring Disks alive to VM’s

First thing is logon to Guest VM with account that have suffient permission to create a failover cluster.

If all prerequisites are done, we can start bring disks alive.

1. Open Powershell on Admin mode

2. list disks


We see that disks number 3 and 4 size equals the disks we created and added. And of course we see that those disks are offline.

3. Bring Disks online:



4. Next task is initialize both Disks as a GPT partition.



5. Then we create and format disks 3 and 4



6. Install MPIO to BOTH nodes if needed:


Now disks are ready for clustering.



1. Add failover cluster role and File Service. Following powershell command adds neded roles for boh VM’s(Server1 and server2)


2. Validate cluster before instllation

Check Validation report by:


and fix issues if needed.

3. Form a cluster named DemoCluster with Static IP



4. Then we simply create a new cluster role for HA file services.



Now we are build a HA file server based on Shared VHD concept.

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