How to resolve error “Configuration issues related to the NIC with ID” When creating VMs from WAP

Error message says that there are issues to create VM from WAP even if you would not connect VM to Virtual network.
(in tentant portal New-> Standalone Virtual Machine -> From gallery -> ).
Error messages are usually like these two examples:


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Azure Pack RU2 changes Usageservice username back to default value

We have changed the username and password for billing adapter from default values to custom values (changed username “Usg1_Usr with random password”

We changed username and password with following commands:

(where xxx is our secret password)
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Installation guide for Microsoft Certification Authority with SHA256 (One Tier PKI)

This blog post shows how to install CA with SHA256 cryptographic to a existing domain. For example if you want to use Windows Azure Pack and Remote Console connection from Tenant portal, this is what you need if you don´t want to use selfsigned certificate for testing purposes.

WAP Concole connect certificate requiments:
-The certificate must not be expired.
-The Key Usage field must contain a digital signature.
-The Enhanced Key Usage field must contain the following Client Authentication object identifier: (
-The root certificates for the certification authority (CA) that issued the certificate must be installed in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities certificate store.
-The cryptographic service provider for the certificate must support SHA256.
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