Obtaining JWT tokens from ADFS for WAP

On the Windows Azure Platform a JWT token (http://openid.net/specs/draft-jones-json-web-token-07.html ) is needed for accessing the TenantAPI or AdminAPI. The token is obtained from the ADFS web service using the System.IdentityModel.Protocols.WSTrust RequestSecurityToken and RequestSecurityTokenResponse + related .Net classes. There is however a more direct way of obtaining the token that can be used on any platform.

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Unattended SQL 2012 installation

This post describes how make unattended installation for SOL-server 2012 SP1


  • .NET 3.5 SP1
  • .NET 4.0

There are two options to install SOL-server from a command line. One is to put all options to one command (like Setup.exe /q….) and second one is to use configuration file. This blog posting describes how to build up own configuration file for first time use and how to modify it. Continue reading